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Paul Amla

I am Paul Amla, president and founder of Amla International Translations. We hold our interpreters to the highest professional standards. Each interpreter must be state certified as well as culturally sensitive. This is why our interpreters must participate in ongoing classes/trainings that are relevant to the cultures they will be working with.

"Mr. Amla provides service in several languages... is dependable & has never told me that he could not find a translator/interpreter for me, even when I called at the last minute... I was very impressed with his reliability and commitment..."
-Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi
"I know the teachers have been pleased with the interpretation services you provide."
-Supervisor: E.C.S.E. Dist.196
"I've attended a lot of immigration interviews over the years with interpreters and [your interpreter] is certainly one of the best I've seen."
-Barbara E. Erlandson, Attorney at Law
Winner of the 2008 Mshale African Business of the Year Award

We also provide ethical training for on-the-job situations. I oversee all actions taken by employees so they shall accurately and completely represent their certifications, training, and pertinent experience for completing the job. I hope our ten years of experience benefits you.

As a recognition of our service to the community, we were awarded the African Business of the year award. I invite you to watch these videos of the awards ceremony.

mshale african business of the year