These are the types of translation and interpreting services that Amla International is proud to offer you in over 150 languages.

document translations

All our document translations are performed by individuals whose native language is the same as the language into which the document is being translated. This ensures accuracy in the content and meaning of the translation.

Simply fax, mail or personally deliver your document, with any special instructions. We will take care of the rest. (We could arrange to have the document picked up, at no extra charge, within a limited region of the Twin Cities metro area.)

FAX: 612-436-2086

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 8058 Minneapolis, MN 55408

Part of this process involves several check points along the way. This is one of the elements that sets us apart from other translation agencies. To learn more about Amla International's thorough process, click here.

telephone services

Telephone conferencing is not only useful in overcoming travel concerns, but it is also the most effective in situations that require immediate attention.

Simply call 612-272-0304, provide your authorization code* and the language required, then we'll connect you with an interpreter. On average, Amla International can fulfill a client's request within minutes. The request line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

*An authorization code is an account number, associated with a credit card. You can get your own authorization code established with us by calling 612-272-0304 between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (CST), Monday through Thursday. Ask for Paul.

on-site services (interpreting)

When a face-to-face interaction is desired between the customer and their non-English speaking client, Amla International will provide personal, on-site services.

On-site services are ideal for social service intakes, medical exams, client visits (whether it be your office or their home) and business meetings.

To schedule an on-site interpreter, call 612-272-0304 or complete and send us the order form, listing the exact time, location and specific language needed. You may also choose to email us at with your request needs. Amla International will be happy to accommodate your interpreting needs, with considerations related to gender, ethnicity, age, religion, etc.